Pity about Kitty by Jimmie Chinn.

Directed by Mark Bullen

The first of two one-act pieces, both directed by Mark Bullen.Kitty Curtis is a Staff Nurse in a hospital Outpatients clinic, working under her old friend, Sister Betty Strong.She is initially unaware of what lies behind her summons to a medical tribunal run by Senior Nursing Officer (Matron) Cross and Consultant, Sir Cuthbert Spry.The piece reveals to the audience the inner thoughts of the two nurses, so we share Kitty’s growing realisation that her “best friend” is no longer that…


Kitty –  Liz Stallworthy

Sister Strong – Margaret Morris

S.N.O. Cross  – Moira Shapland

Sir Cuthbert Spry – Peter Jones

Albert by Richard Harris.

Directed by Mark Bullen

This second piece is a farcical comedy of confusion arising from the three characters speaking mutually unintelligible languages – English, Finnish and Italian. It shows up many cultural stereotypes leading to problems of communication – beyond the verbal ones !


Karin – Kate Morley

Nico – Mark Bullen

Albert  – Michael Berkley


Photos & Video courtesy of Richard Thorn and Wrington Village Website.