Frank Foster  Peter Jones

Fiona Foster  Linda Roberts

Bob Phillips  Keith Ivory

Teresa Phillips  Kate Morley

William Featherstone  Mark Bullen

Mary Featherstone  Sarah Miller

Director  Wendy Tandy

Producer  Andrew Tandy

Stage Manager  Julie Green

Deputy Stage Manager  Barry Sale

Front of House Manager  Echo Irving

Set Design  John Graham

Prompt Maggie Carpenter

Lighting  John Davey Sound  Miche Dunstone, Gemma Ramsden Props  Rebecca Bryce, CaroIine Osman
Rosemary Osman
Costume  Valerie Langley

Make-up  Judy Lane, Annie Tarleton

Hair  Sue Cross

Advertising  Andrew Tandy

As the programme synopsis has it, “the action takes place at two dinner parties given on consecutive nights.
The single set is almost a character in itself, so important is it to the action. It represents two living/dining-rooms at once.
The furniture, and often the people of the two places are intermingled, most notably in the scene that closes the first act, when one hapless couple is having Thursday dinner with another pair and Friday dinner with a third.”