Our productions production need the help of a large number of backstage and behind-the-scenes people. The show simply can’t go on without them.

It’s not only the actors that make us tick. From set building, to costumes, props, lighting and sound effects, each show we put on is thanks to a myriad of drama club members dedicated to making it a success.

If you are interested interested in joining us backstage, here’s some of the roles you could fill:


Producers are generally in overall managerial control of our productions, bringing all the strands together to make our productions come alive. You won’t have to do everything yourself as you’ll be working with an experienced crew who will give you all the support you’ll need.


We are always looking for new directors and people with fresh ideas and styles. You will probably have had some experience, or have acted before. So if you’d enjoy the challenge of working with talented amateur actors join up now!

Stage manager

The stage manager is pivotal in running the show behind the scenes. You’d need to be organised and with an eye for detail, keep communication between front of house and backstage running smoothly, and sort out any hiccups along the way.

Set Designer

Amateur drama groups operate on tight budgets, and WDC is no exception. But if you think you can come up with ideas that are simple but effective and like a bit of a challenge come and join us.

Lighting and sound

Light and sound effects help make a production come to life. And there are many roles in this technical side of a production. You could help in the rigging up, man the light and sound board or simply assist the lighting and sound director.

Set Builders and decorators

There are no shortages of opportunities to help on set build and set strike. If you are a dab-hand at carpentry, decorating or painting, and enjoy working with a team then please offer your assistance!


If you are looking for a job with no heavy lifting, this isn’t for you. Stagehands are responsible for setting out the stage before each show and for any necessary furniture shifting between scenes. You may also find yourself helping out with set build and strike, lighting and sound set-up. The crew is a friendly bunch so whatever you find yourself doing you’ll be having fun along the way.


The prompter is a key part of the performance. Over the months of rehearsals, you will learn how the actors are delivering lines and will know instinctively when they require a prompt.  If this sounds like you could we prompt you to become a member?

Wardrobe, hair and make-up

Where would we be without costumes and make up? Our crews source, hire, make, and provide the actors with the tools to make their characters believable.


Props are integral to our performances. As a property master, you’d be responsible for sourcing and organising props, and ensuring that they are in working condition before each show. It would also be your job to make sure the props are where they’re meant to be during the show. After the run is over you would also be involved in the return or storage of the props. If you think you could prop us up, come and talk to us.

Front of House

There are a number of jobs for the front-of-house team to do. From setting out the chairs and tables, to manning the bar, taking tickets at the door and selling programmes.

If you would love to get involved with a local drama group and would be able to offer help from 6pm onwards during performance week, we would love to hear from you.


Publicity is our life blood. If designing and producing posters and programmes, liaising with newspapers and local publications, or keeping the excitement going on social media is your forte, we’d value your help.

Event organisers

We run several events a year including play readings, theatre workshops, quiz nights and other social events. But they don’t just happen by magic – someone has to put all the ducks in a row. If you enjoy socialising and organising, give us a call.